The Hungry Giant Technology

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Our corporate philosophy is not to waste money on patents but to continually design and engineer improvements in our machines that outflank and outrun the competition with prices that all food service clients can afford. Please check this feature/benefit list as an example.

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Hungry Giant in Action

Hungry Giant


Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Motor Overload Sensor

Moisture Sensor instead of Timer Operation

Shaft Paddles with "dull" blades

Proprietary Cooling System

Automatic open/close Hatch

Automatic bin/tote lifter

Bin Counter

Simple one button start/stop/load/unload

Unique heating system, no venting

Output (Sterile Biomass and Condensate)

Enclosed Lifting mechanisms

Discharge Bins Safety Lock

Emergency Shut Off Button


Computerized Machine Control

Eliminates Jamming

Saves Electricity, shuts down when dry

Macerates bulk foods like melons & produce

Fastest processing of any dehydrator in market

Opens to accept waste and closes afterwards

Hands free safe loading of food waste

No overloading of machine

Easy and simple to understand instructions

No surface too hot to touch

No pathogens, no BOD, no TSS

Prevents worker injuries

Machine shuts off when discharge chutes opened

Accessible to all users

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